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quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2015



Men and women are different and therefore develop different roles. To deny this is absurd! To change that is stupid! People that want to equate this it is like trying to make the apple tree produce orange or vice-versa. But there are those who, in spite of these impossibilities, are supporting the world idea. They are forgetting that God has always walked against the world and his prince.
It may seem strange to talk about two issues at same time, but the historical occurrences allow us that. It is at least strange that the two issues are being discussed at the same time. Maybe it's because both themes put the Bible on a serious question: Is the Bible sexist and prejudiced? One thing is fact: The Bible does not support the error and not change their positions along the time. That is the Word of God.
In view of the world, gay marriage and the women’s ordination are correct, necessary, modern, inclusive, democratic and well represented the loving Jesus’ character. These are mistaken, syncretistic and conformist view. Jesus has never accepted sin. He accepted and received all people but those who approached the master; the life was transformed. If the Word of God is always contrary to what the world thinks, it is normal to be against the acceptance of these two themes.
On homosexuality the Bible is very clear: "You shall not lie with man as a woman; it is abomination" Lev. 18:22. The Bible is full of verses condemning homosexual practice. Many are implicit, and others explicit! I keep myself thinking with this theme: ‘even the Bible being explicit, people are advocating for homosexuality; and what about the woman's ordination that is more implicit?’
Since Eden, there is a lot of indication that the man is the head. God chose Adam, not Eve, to care for the garden that He had just done. There were patriarchs but not matriarchs. When the nation of God's people was formed, more than two thousand years after Adam; God put men in charge of the holy things. There was no woman to head one of the tribes, even Jacob having daughter. The Levites were in charge of the church leadership. The Bible has never recorded the priestess function. Jesus did not call any woman to make up the framework of the twelve disciples. The Apostle Paul follows the same line when advises, "it is necessary that the bishop (church leader) must be blameless, the husband of one wife..." (1 Tim 3: 2). The New Testament says that man and not woman is the head of the house. There is a very special reason to be so.
There are many theologians who do not find biblical justification for the women’s ordination. Why a woman cannot be head of the family, in biblical view? Is this why it is sexist or for the creator has 'equipped' woman with different skills? Why tractor’s creators do not recommend their clients use them for travel and tours? Why have people created tractors and other vehicles? A tractor and a minivan, for example, are different to fulfill different needs.
I do not want to enter the labor issue; because if a woman does the same thing that man; she must get and be respected in the same way and the same wage. The question here is: there are things that are exclusively for women and there are things that are exclusively for men. There is a reason to be defined by the creator thus. For example: giving birth, breastfeeding, female way of being physiological and psychological are exclusively for women.
There is a very special reason to God chooses man not woman on the question of church leadership. Defending women's ordination only because we live in modern times is not wise. Or going with the majority is not wise. God has always been against this world. While the pagan temples were full of priestesses; God commissioned men. If God wanted men only to differentiate themselves from worship of pagan temples, He is sovereign and He can do what He wants. But I see that one of the reasons God prefers men, not women, is the psychological issue. The male psychological is different from female one. The female love is totally different from man. Experts say that man is more logical, women are more intuitive.
However, the biggest reason for God chooses men, not women, for church leadership is grabbed in the symbolism that the Bible gave the woman and the man. The Bible says that Jesus is the second Adam. In 1º Corinthians 11: 3 says that "Christ is the head of every man, and the man, the head of the wife, and God the head of Christ." And Paul is clear in Ephesians 5:23: "the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church." See; how is symbolical! Verses 22-33 are completely clear on the ancient symbolism of the figure of Christ and his church. Who runs the Church is Christ. The woman is a symbol of the Church. If the woman goes to run church leadership, the symbolism will be weak or eliminated. And who wants to dethrone Jesus Christ from the Church? Satan! This guy wants to rule the world. He wants to take out all evidences that refer to the power, mastery of Christ who died on the cross. All direct and indirect references to Christ as lamb and Leader should be banished from the human mind (that's what Satan wants and he is getting). Maybe that's the biggest reason of churches which voted women's ordination have had backlash. What is a church without the guidance of Christ? It is for this main reason that God has never authorized the woman in the church leadership position. Woman is not a symbol of Christ, but the church. Yes; man is Christ symbol. Just look at Adam, Melchizedek, Joshua, Cyrus... and you will realize the deep symbology of Christ. A woman can and must have other leaderships, but the ecclesiastic leadership is exclusively to man, because Jesus is the head of the Church. Someone wants to change this order, symbology. Someone is tempting to say that God is wrong. This tempting sounds like: ‘Jesus' sacrifice was of little value, or no value’. Paul completes the meaning of that pedagogy, "For man was not created for woman, but woman for man's sake" 1 Cor 11: 9.
But we live in rebellion times and people are not willing to listen to what the Bible says. The Bible is clear in exalting Jesus' service. It will never allow to change God’s orders as the world wants. The world wants to rule the church and substitute Christ as Chief. If one accepts woman’s ordination is saying, 'Jesus is not the head'. And the churches that allow it, later, they will be saying 'not quite what the Bible is saying.' And, consequently, Christ will not be among her anymore. If Christ does not serve as head, He cannot fit for anything else. Pay attention to one thing, the Bible is not being sexist here, it is being illustrative. God and Jesus are too smart to err or accept sexist ideas. If you insist on something and if that idea is against in what was established by God, you are being an antichrist. Watch Out!
It is at least troubling where churches are adopting the speeches and the world positions. Before it, all these gay’s rights, women's rights were outside the church walls; today they are here, inside. God has never denied any right to women. He defined the issue by His sovereignty. If we want to go beyond God’s boundaries; we are in dangerous place. The churches who vote women's ordination as a minister and pastor are opening their doors to other issues that the world puts on its agenda. There are things that should not even be contemplated into the church because God is clear. I'm thinking that if Jesus did not come back soon, we will see pastors and members discussing the use of drugs like heroin, cocaine into the church. This is quite possible, because even being clear in the Bible that God does not allow homosexuality; churches are discussing and opening the door to this practice. They want to force God to accept the sinner and the sin together. That's impossible. Jesus is clear: "Repent and turn yourselves to be canceled your sins."

The world is saying that God is wrong. Yes, that's so! What should be homosexuality than a saying that God is wrong? God said that man and woman are different and should play different roles; but the world wants to mix what God differentiated. Watch Out! Where passes an ox, passes many oxen.

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