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terça-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2018


I have just read an article in "The Guardian" about the Vatican and the Chinese Communist Party. It is worrying them and me the situation that it will come to us also. Today we have freedom in Brazil and in the majority of the countries of the world to express our opinion and our faith. Tomorrow will not be like this.
I have also recently finished a reading of book called "A Miracle After the Other," I recommend to all faithful Christians. This book tells the story of Pavel Goia, a Christian who decided to be faithful in times of communism in Romania. I do not want to report the book, I just want to say that a government can control everything; if it will. It is this way in China, it was like this in Russia, Romania; it will be so in the world of individual freedoms bans.
According to Joseph Zen, a former Hong Kong cardinal, China is breaking out Catholic Church unity in China. The recent destruction of crosses and churches has shown that communism does not change. And Zen adds that the Vatican is selling the Catholic Church to the Chinese government. This is due to the negotiations that the Holy See is dealing with the Communist Party. The same newspaper further adds that such a Party has approved seven names of bishops which the Church disagrees with.
What is happening in China today is a preview of what will happen tomorrow with the world. Negotiations between religious and political will gain strength worldwide. As States tighten freedoms, religious leaders are forced to negotiate with the leaders of constituted States. This will lead to renunciations of certain  true doctrines. This is awful to the unchangeable position of God and His Word. And we are watching movements of countries in this sense. When they  want to do something, it ends up hitting the religious life of Christian practices in full. We see this in Bolivia, France, Russia, Poland ...
But Revelation 13 is clear: “And they worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, ‘Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?’” The world's strongest religious power (Vatican) will take the control in this bargain. The Holy See has all this influence and strength because it is the religious power in the world that has contact with the leaders of nations. It knows how to make political maneuvers that even the people who partains of it, doesn’t agree with the chief. That is why the Head of the Catholic Church welcomes all the presidents of the world who seek him.
There is a reason why the Pope is political and religious at the same time. There is an explanation for his office in Rome being so frequented by diplomats, presidents, kings and queens around the world. Who does not seek it, it goes behind; as it is the case of China and the Communist Party. Nothing happens without the sieve of the Chinese government's eyes, so the Church anticipates the case. And Revelation 13 describes what the world will look like. Even our dear Brazil will be like this - without freedom of opinion and faith.
There is a call from God for us today. We have little time to fix our lives with God and preach the everlasting gospel. We have to take advantage of this moment with all holiness and work. We must know the Bible and the true teachings. We have no more time for lies. There is a truth that we need to know that is in Revelation 13 and 14.
Jesus is coming back, Maranatha!

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