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domingo, 24 de maio de 2015



The chemical and professor of University of Campinas / SP, Marcos Eberlin said a sentence in a creationist meeting that I consider atomic: "IT IS MISSING ME FAITH TO BE ATHEIST, BUT THERE ARE MUCH REASONS TO ME TO BE CHRISTIAN". Following the same line of thought I would say that there is more reason for me to believe in the promises of Jesus than evidence of peace, security and happiness in the societies where we are. One can even paraphrase it: 'It is missing me faith to believe in human promises, but there are much reasons to believe in the return of Jesus.' People are taken by materialistic passions. They have broken all the institutions we have in the society. This world does not attract me anymore; and you? Are you still deceived with empty speeches?
The institutions have gone bankrupt along the human history. The family, the church, the society, the police, the politics, the justice, the media ... showing the most important; they can no longer fulfill their roles. These institutions are here between us only to fulfill a formality and spread, awakening or creating the revolt, the feeling of helplessness of citizens. Injustice reigns! The moral is gone; but, this is the end. The Bible is categorical: "Now the Spirit explicitly says that in the last times some will turn away from the faith by paying attention to deceitful spirits and demonic instructions" (1 Timothy 4: 1). If people, who that once has walked in the light; abandoned it, what about those people that never wanted to know the way of justice?
The Family and Church institutions are bankrupt because family has left to go to the church. There are parents who prefer to see their children going to the party than the church. Other parents want their children to go to church, but do not follow them. As result, families are broken. The Church is an institution that teaches morals, peace, tolerance, respect, obedience to God. Those who suffer lack of from these things are the children. And the society will feel too that. Without morals reference, the children grow up with the potential for the path of wickedness; and they will be bad operators of the institutions; rioters or public hooligans.
The Police, Politics and Justice institutions should take forward measures to chaos. That's not what we see. Even the operators of these institutions are with bad characters, corroded by the lust for money. It is the policemen who accept bribes, which associate with the gangs and banditries. They excuse by the miserable salary they receive; that is a misfortune for society! The problem is that those who make laws and enforce it; those guys are in the same boat. Politicians are known for their lack of honesty and the empty promises they do. Judges and politicians oppress and say good for bad. Act with partiality. Not only politicians, but judges are stealing, selling yourself, auctioning, overwhelming. There is no model society! We have never had one. In this world; we will never have it.
I have shame of media. It is scavenger! But everyone knows that Media is the fourth power. In our democratic countries, the judiciary, the legislature and the executive branch are part of the democratic game; and then it comes the media. There is nothing new! It's just another tool for oppression. It's just another tool to keep the people in slavery. It serves only to the masters, who that has money. The media has the power to shape public opinion, and in times like ours, the media is simply powerful. Why is this so? Because the owners are the same operators of the State’s institutions. As these operators are "obeying deceiving spirits and teachings of demons" the oppression on the poor rules. And, consequently, they disrespect the law of love required by God; it will continue. The only democratic space that exists; when we see to the society, it is the INTERNET. It is the only exit! Hallelujahs; God does not leave us in blind alley.
This world does not attract me. I have no interest in this society that is embedded with injustice. I do not want to dream with better days in this culture of injustice. There is no place for that. It is logical! Biblically speaking now, there is no chance to change the reality here; there is no security without Jesus! They want to change, to transform the justice institutions with injustice. They are all wrong. Because they should change the characters of their operators, and nobody wants that. How can I expect good things from bad persons? How could I think about forming a wealth of empire and the good life in a cruel society? You could say that I should fight against all these and help improve people's lives; restore the broken institutions. And I should do indeed! But this is impossible! I am saying it by myself;  prophecies says. You can search and find that the big majority of operators from large institutions began with the idealism, but when they got there; they distorted. The change has to happen in the heart of the operators; they must turn to God. The Institutions have no heart!
To reform the institutions; it ought be essential to its operators, and an action indicated by Jesus: "Come to me, ALL who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (...) and learn from me; for I am meek and humble of heart" (Mt 11:28). But I know that greed, passion for earthly things, the love for money and power, pride, speak louder; then I do not fool myself. The Bible says that the world suffers because the inhabitants cause that.
That leaves me reason to believe and wait with joy the Divine Justice that does not fail. Jesus is coming and He will come to judge. No one will escape! The Righteous Judge comes! The guilty and sentenced man that are not in jail; politicians who steal the money from the working classes, school meals, the wealth of the poor; judges that, releasing the rich guilty and do not absolve the poor innocents; the mighty who trample the weak and provide no help and do not give satisfaction of their mistakes to anyone; the proud masters and lovers of money that enslaves its employees ... all will get their fair verdicts. Even the cases of injustice that we consider small will be judged and condemned. From small thief to big one; all will have their cases judged by Divine Judge.
This society does not attract me anymore! When I meditate on it all; stronger I got in wish for the Jesus’ promises. The Savior says he'll recreate everything. Before that; all of us and all institutions and their unjust operators face the Last Judgment. The Kingdom that Jesus promises is not only a spiritual realm; but social. The New Earth, described in Revelation has social aspects that we know today. Here we work, smile, praise, eat, sleep, love, communicate; but also we get sick, die, fight, oppress, deplore, hate. The reality of the New Earth will be different because it does not admit sickness, death, fight, oppression, shame, hatred. I prefer to believe these promises to believe in solving the problems we face here: global warming, drought, famine, war, intolerance, oppression, disease, injustice, corruption and so on.
And you friend? Prefer what? Believing man or believing in God? "Cursed is the man who believes in another man" says the Bible. What concrete evidence that men give you for you to believe in him? Who lies to you; God or man? I'd rather be with God! This world does not attract me anymore. When I observe men; more I love God. When I participate in the democratic process; more I lean on the words of Jesus: “I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. 7He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son” (Rev. 21: 6-7).

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