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quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2015



I do not like anything as draw, tattoo, piercing, on my body. I only see disadvantage in thing like tattoo. The police like that because it is easier to identify people. Those who like tattoos; it is good for them.  I do not love that and I am not confusing information as millions are. This year, 2015, our President Dilma Rousseff released a talk that left the fearful religious in bad situation. The creation of the National Civil Registry brought uproar in evangelical circles. And it should not be thus because the RCV is inevitable in an urgent thing here and the Antichrist is not yet revealed in his powerfulness.

Rather that, we must point out first that the President did not say that the RFID will be implanted in the skin (forehead or hand); she said it will be part of an ID that will replace others personal documents. So far, we found no relationship with the prophecy of Revelation 13. The Chip may not be the mark of the beast because it does not fulfill many requirements. In fact, the chip only fulfills one point on the mark of the beast - controlling and tracking. But we are used with it. Without my ID (CPF here in Brazil), I do nothing legally. I can not even be treated at the hospital. With my credit card or bank card, I can be tracked in any place of Brazil and of the world. How many Brazilians, or citizens of the world have some kind of card? Billions of them!

What is the mark of the beast? For the vast majority of religious people and even non-religious people, the chip is the mark of the beast. For a minority Christian around the world, the mark of the beast is the day of rest. Which of the two is senseless? If Satan wants to imitate God; would it be better for him does as God does, or not? Counterfeiters of money use a basic principle: to copy from genuine. They will never invent a bill of U$ 400. And why not?  Because this bill does not exist. Does God have a Chip to mark his serves? Then; why do you think that such a chip is the mark of the beast? Satan can use the chip to achieve other goals; but he is not fool to have the chip as your brand; because God; Jesus Christ has no chip to mark their children.

If you are reading Revelation 13: 16:17, understanding and applying literally; be careful. This will lead you to think that the chip is the mark of the beast. But if you believe that the chip is the mark of the beast; just because it is clear there in Revelation 13: 16:17 I say to you: be careful!  It's time to reevaluate everything. Christ also marks his people’s forehead. In Revelation 7: 3 says that the elect will be marked on the forehead. Will this mark of Christ be a chip as well? 

Seal and mark are the same thing. If Christ has a mark, and it being a chip, Christ is copying the Antichrist. See; look how things are reversed when we do not properly apply the biblical text. Do you think Jesus will copy Satan? If you believe that the chip is the mark of the beast, you are saying that Christ will copy the Antichrist; because Revelation 7: 3 says that Jesus will mark His people while the Antichrist is acting in its powerfulness (social, political and religious). You'd better get out of the box and think, reason in other way; by other logic. These things, mark of the beast, mark of Christ, pass through the logic as well.

Can the Antichrist use the chip (RFID)? Yes! He can use only as MEANS, INSTRUMENT to those who are with him (who agrees with the day of rest); and to those who are against him (who does not agree with the day chosen by him to rest and to get with family, or in religious activities). When I interpret the mark of the beast as the day of rest; I am saying that the Antichrist copies the Christ. What is the day that Christ has chosen since from the foundation of the world, to be the day of rest? Take your Bible and see Genesis 2: 1-3; Exodus 20: 8-11; Matthew 12: 8; Mark 2; 27; Matthew 5: 17-20; 1 John 2: 3-6. Have you read? Now tell me: what is the day of rest that the world Christian keeps mostly?

There are many arguments for rejecting the biblical day for rest. Do you understand now why the day of rest is the mark of the beast? Satan wants to confuse and reject God's Law. Satan is not worried about chip. He is concerned if you are obeying the 10 Commandments of God's Law. If you are conscious and struggling to walk as God asks us to walk, it will annoy the devil. I know that the law does not save. The law does not take anyone to heaven; only the Blood of Jesus, the Grace of Jesus. The law has only one function - to keep us in the true path of Jesus Christ. Those who want to abstain from God's Law, they want to walk through any path with Christ. They want to go to heaven by any other way that is not mentioned by Jesus. They want to go to heaven by the broad road; because obeying something that society condemns is very difficult; because the person suffers discrimination and prejudice. And many prefer to follow Christ by comfortable paths. It will come a time that the mask will fall.

The mark of the beast will only achieve the person who permits. No one will be marked by the beast without consent or by force. It will be something conscious. When Jesus says that He marks His children only on the forehead, He is saying that it is through the personal consent only too. The person consciously decides to obey Christ (follow the path that He points) and he is willing to support by the blood of Jesus any consequence (discrimination, prejudice, boycott). When the Bible says that the devil will mark on the forehead or on the hand; the Bible is saying that there will be people who will agree with the Antichrist consciously and in addition, they will defend him too. When the Bible say front, it is referring to awareness, advocacy, activism. And about the hand? The right hand means work. There are thousands of millions of people who hate religion, have no interest in religion, and never feel attracted by religion; this is a decision of them. We are free to accept or reject anything. They will be marked in hand because they are agreeing with a religious matter only to leave them free. It will not cost them anything. The Antichrist will unite the power of all governments to persecute God's people in the last days. The Antichrist will have his militants (religious who agree with the Antichrist), marked on the forehead; and indifferent people to religious issues, marked at hand.

Note that Jesus has no one person marked in hand. This indicates that the indifferent believers will go way from among the God’s people. Watch out! If you are believer like fake one; be careful, because pretty soon you will be on the side of the Antichrist. If you've been playing as believer; you may be surprised at any time. Jesus expects you do a renewal of life right now. Jesus is coming back. The last days require only strong believers. If you are a weak believer, you have two options: either stay strong through the blood of Jesus, or join the Antichrist. I choose Jesus.


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