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sábado, 2 de agosto de 2014


Do you believe in the Final Judgment? If you don’t believe; will it do any difference to Whom command the Judge? The simple fact of you doesn’t believe will it stop this event?  If you believe; how is your life? Do you mind with your future? Have you already a lawyer to that Great Day?  I know One that He never lost a lawsuit. I recommend Him: JESUS!

“My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous” 1st John 2:1

As proverb said:  “God without you continues being God; and you without God will continue being a NOTHING.” The divine is timeless. The divine is inexplicable. The divine is the All that the part doesn’t fit Him. It may not be ignored. Saint Exupèry has had reason saying “there’s more mystery between the Heaven and the Earth than our vain philosophy can imagine”. The Judgment, the Great Controversy and a lot of others things that materialists want ignore won’t change the route only because they ignore.
Imagine you don’t like your Government. You get indifferent with it. You pretend it doesn’t exist. I ask you: This will change something to the nation? Will you stop paying Income Tax? Won’t you be reached by the Government in its decision on politics, economy, and a lot of others things? Will it do any difference to the Government what you think and the way you act? Would be much better understand the Government and attempt to suffer less or don’t suffer? What is worst! If you don’t pay the Taxes – for example; the Income – because you don’t agree with anything; your financial life will make impossible.
This way is the God Judgment that is coming! It will be to know it better and to find an escape because there’s an exit. There’s a hope! The Bible, more precisely the Gospels conduct to the Blood of Lamb – Jesus Christ – as the unique that can free you in the Tribunal.

Revelation and Daniel are the Bible books that point to a reality of this Great Event. You can know all details of this Tribunal. There’s the Judge, the Lawyer to accuse, the Lawyer to defend, the Witnesses, the accused and the litigation. If you hire Jesus to be your Advocate, you will be surprised to know that in this Tribunal, the Judge is the same Defender Lawyer. Hilarious? Research how was an Ancient Israel Tribunal. There the Judge did the two works. It is because that you may get the sure of your free in that Day if Jesus is you Advocate.
It can’t be ignored. Don’t need to fear this Event! Go and Find info about it. Look for it. You need to know what is it. Do you know how to find this Advocate? Make relationship with people that know this Advocate. Today you have the opportunity to prepare to this Judgment, the Final One.


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