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domingo, 20 de novembro de 2016


The world was surprised with the victory of Donald Trump. The Americans have chosen Trump to be President. We, here in this blog, talked a lot about it. My analysis had pointed out Hillary as the most likely to gain because she fitted more in some doomsday scenarios. But Donald Trump won. Let's make a few comments about this question: how will be the relationship between Donald Trump and Pope Francis?
No one had any doubt that Hillary Clinton was the Pope’s favorite. The Democrats have an agenda that is common with the Vatican one. There are many common flags to Democrats and the Holy See as support for homosexuals, immigration and climate change. But Hillary lost.
Newspapers around the world say that the biggest loss that Trump's victory brought, it was for global warming. The Paris agreement has suffered a setback a lot. Politicians of various nationalities as French President Francois Hollande and the UN Secretary General Banki Moon say that the Paris agreement is irreversible. The Obama Government was quick to implement that Paris agreement so that the next American President couldn't get out of it in less than four years.
The President-elect Trump is totally against this agreement. He and all the Republicans deny that the Earth is suffering the degradations caused by the man. The President and his team can't take out the United States from this agreement; but they can disrespect it. That is unfortunate, but it's probably and it is what's going to happen. The main Government flag of Pope Francis is threatened. What's going to happen? The time will tell us!
The Vatican has a power of mixture. The Holy See has the power to command. As it is a Jesuit who is in power in the Vatican; their representatives are scattered throughout the world practicing diplomacy with their total ability. Proof of that is what the Cardinal of New York has been doing in all American elections. A few weeks before the election, a charitable dinner, the cardinal took pictures between Trump and Hillary. That was a clear demonstration of power over the next President; be one or the other.
A further interesting fact is that between Donald Trump and Pope Francis there are points in common. And here is where both can, and probably will connect. Both are against the persecution of Christians that ISIS imposes there in the Middle East. The two adopt a religious discourse of freedom. This point is very weird, because the Revelation speaks in persecution and boycott. Weird just to the page two; because when someone emphasizes something badly enough, they act contrary to it.
America is in a moral crisis. And that's maybe why Donald Trump won. The flag is supported by conservative Republicans. Catholics and evangelicals conservative preferred a ' racist ', ' isolationist ', ' sexist ', ' xenophobe ' Trump than liberal Hillary to religious values. At least, it was how the American and foreign media paint the President-elect.
The Vatican will have hard work to gain Trump confidence. Their agents will have to bring Trump and Francis at turning point. But at worst; Trump can get only 4 years in power; and Francis can reign for triple of that. It's pretty hard to the Republicans change your opinion about the climate change, but when we are talking about politics and Jesuit agents; anything is possible.

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