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quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2016


The Presidency of the United States of America is the most desired and disputed office in the world. In 2016, who is fighting for the throne are the entrepreneur and presenter Donald Trump and former Senator and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The sad thing in this race to the White House is that both runners have no moral brightness, in Christian point of view. There is a fact, far beyond other thorny issues to authentic Christianity; both runners do anything for power.
The struggle for the throne apart, the issues, that I see as hard; will take shape. The climate change is the first on the list. The discussion of global warming can gain more body and shape if Hillary got elected as President. Migratory movements tend to be more bellicose, if Trump wins. White House-Vatican relations will be shaken if Hillary loses. We don't have time to detail other interesting topics, but we'd like to focus on climate change.
As we have said before on this blog, the issue of global warming has the power to unite all tribes (scientists, religious, political, ordinary citizen). The deterioration of nature is fact and the damage to all mankind are visible everywhere. When nature decides to show its injuries to the men, all goes back to the topic: 'we need to do something urgently to heal the Earth'. There are those (some scientists and some politicians, of course) who deny the fact that it's all political issues. I do not share with this opinion. Nature, or rather, the Earth is sick. And we really need to do something. And for just 'do something' that I'm afraid. This is the loophole that the predictions of the Revelation Book will come true.
It is in the action to take care of the Earth that bad interests or davil goals can appear and establish. Being not silly; Pope Francis has already anticipated and established his political agenda and goals. And as the Jesuits are unbeatable in diplomacy, they already have all contacts around the world; mainly in the United States of America. In 2015, Francis launched his world policy vision for the Earth and the American Democrats, in the person of Barack Obama, have already positioned themselves for the enigmatic Encyclical Laudato Si.
I have already read the Francis’s Encyclical and found it very good. There was only one mistake: it indoctrinates people around the world with Catholic ideas of Christianity. Obama got impressed himself with it! An American President has never been so involved with the climate change and clean energy issue as Obama is right now. Trump wouldn't bow down to this agenda, as well as the Republicans don't either. This is a strong indication that Hillary... You can't sing victory before the right time.
Well; the elections will be next month. The American and global media are pro-Hillary. The people are influenced by the media. Trump is egged! You don't have to talk a lot. Well, the correct is that; confirming the possibility, Hillary will endorse the speech of clean energy, CO2 reduction, and everything related to the 'salvation of the Earth'. And with it all; the Vatican will be deploying its religious ideology in the political world as well.

I want to stop right here. The pictures are worth more than thousands of words. I just hope you know the Bible and don't be fooled by false doctrines that the Church and the State shall force citizens around the world to obey. All things are being very subtle, but clear. You have to get information from both sides.

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