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sábado, 30 de julho de 2016


 The primaries have finished! It has happened the unthinkable to Republicans and the obvious to the Democrats. The war for the White House has just started. We will have about three months of Hillary-Trump verbal war. Subjects for each one of them are endless. Personal accusations from both sides are left. Who will listen them? Whom of them will prove more reliable? Neither is darling. The rejections levels of both candidates are high. The better question for us here is: Which of the two will be the fittest to the predictions of Revelation?
Before answering; let's talk a little bit of each of the two candidates. Trump is a billionaire and famous in the United States and around the world. Hillary is not poor. She is extremely well known. Trump was accused of dishonesty when got rich. But, as we know, it is easier to find a needle in a haystack to find a rich man who has not expropriated the poor. It is customary among the wealthy class this practice. Hillary is charged with dishonestly by the cases of e-mails. Trump hates immigrants. Hillary is weak. So say the analysts; being experts and amateurs.
And the two parties? How do they think collectively? It is right that no one rules alone. Hence, we have an idea of ​​how the government works. What the candidate think is important, but it is not all. In fact, politics is an equation of what the manager think and what the party or coalition defend. Another truth is that the manager and party or coalition must give to get to the point. When they come to the point, the government walks. When they do not get to the point, the people suffer more; as we know that the weak part always suffers.
Republicans defend the constitution, the Christian conservatism, the interests of the upper class, an active international intervention, freedom (even to have a gun). And they do not see the climate issue as something serious. And Donald Trump advocates a direct fight against terrorism, illegal immigration, the Muslim presence in the American territory. He is still blunt in saying that America needs to be great again in economy and politics. The world sees him as intolerant and having an aggressive policy.
Democrats as a party fights for minorities (blacks, gay, poor, Latino). They have a welcoming attitude towards immigrants. Their foreign policy is guided by hard diplomacy. They rather talk to enter a war. They advocate of climate change issues. They want the regulation of sales of guns. They have sympathy with Muslims. Even Mr. Obama is accused of being Islamist. And Hillary incorporates all these things. That's why President Obama Said: no one is better than Hillary for the Office: Commander in Chief.
And how is the apocalyptic questions? According to the Bible and historicist theologians, America will perform a key role in last days; in the end. Thinking in this way, we have to consider in Revelation book when we think in the next president.
It is very clear in the historicist interpretations that Vatican and the United States will come together like hand and glove in last days. So Hillary has more chance. The pope and Trump have already clashed when the pontiff was going through Latin America. Hillary defends climate change which Pope Francis already spread a book called Laudato Si (if you want to know details? Click here). Trump and Republican party do not admit the climate change problems. Democrats not only agree with the Pope, but promote the ideologies discussed by the pontiff. The social side of the Republicans does not enchant the political beliefs of Pope Francis. The Democrats’ platforms fit perfectly with the ideals of the Vatican as a glove in a hand.
Today we can say that Trump will win. The American people is delighted with the Republican candidate. The seduction is so powerful that the party had to swallow the billionaire Donald Trump in convention (my congratulations to Ted Cruz who resisted personally). But the people is almost nothing when powerful interests are behind. And the world is pro Clinton, especially the Vatican.

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