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sábado, 12 de março de 2016


In the beginning, it was just disbelief among analists! Today it is only concerns for all sides. It is not known whether it is part of the political game to both; American politicians and globally ones. From the policy; anybody can not doubt anything. For staying in power, the greaters or the intending greaters do anything to got there. So, it happened with Constantine and others like Hitler. Even among Republicans, there is a clamor for Trump's defeat. It's too late now!
Donald J. Trump is known for its wealth of money and controversy, both in the US and worldwide know him. At the beginning of the campaign, he had squandered saying he was really rich. Today he can add that besides his richness, he is popular too; if not populist. After a few months on the world stage, Trump has raised controversy and threats to the world. What he says has global resonance because America controls the world.
We're not sure if what Trump speaks today will run tomorrow as president; if he is elected. Starting from the logic: 'where's smoke, there's fire'; we have to be vigilant. His best-known controversies are: mass deportation of foreigners from the United States, construction of a wall separating America and Mexico, prohibition of Muslims in America, ally with Putin. His slogan is hard, "make America great again."
The last act that it has come from Trump is: putting up the arm and take an vote pledge to him. This gesture immediately reminded Hitler. Showed over and over into American and world media, of course, the comparison Trump and Hitler was real. The presidents, current and formers, of Mexico pulled the chorus of comparison. If you wander through the world news that talks about the American elections, you will see that comparison is a fact. They say that the social environment was conducive to Hitler in Germany then; the same is done in America today. Both Hitler and Trump, gave voice to a tired and anxious population that claims for changes at any price.
Perhaps Trump is using all this aggressive language only to differentiate himself from others (politically correct) to win the elections. I would remain with the maybe if I did not know the setting described in Revelation 13. I can not believe that Trump is just making a play on words. There are plenty of reasons, if we look at Revelation, to believe that if Trump win; everything can change. A president who acts politically correct will never lead America to a state described in Revelation.
All indications show that we are at the end! And the last state of that will end up with unimaginable scenes. The nature will revolt against the man and his acts. But for this, the man must take the last steps in the wrong direction. America, as having a key role in this scenario, needs someone to command all this scenario. US policy will take the necessary steps to initiate the actions described in Revelation 13.
What we can observe is that America will become a land of persecution. Persecution will be in a religious and political context. And minorities will suffer bitterly. And being the chief, America will export to the world its theocratic model of government.

We have to think about the following logic. If Trump win, there is the possibility for him remaining eight years in power. And being he full of restrictive and isolationist Idea; he can develop his hostile way to govern and get things done. Trump, rich man, intelligent, manipulative, shrewd, courageous, sniper, egocentric ... he can do a lot when it has no rival. We will continue watching the unfolding of history. We are living witnesses of the last acts of the real story.

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