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segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2016



Modernity is largely responsible for compartmentalize the man and his actions. More we research the human roots, more we realize its entirety. Popular sayings like: "Friends, friends; business is business,” are revealing the effort to divide man modern life. A question that appears here is: 'Does it really work?' In the society where we live, politics, religion, culture, work life and private life are subdued to the idea of ​​compartmentalization of human life. The language we use is the catalyst element and revealer of it. Man is man everywhere. Man is a being entirely and he can not play the modern philosophy roll.
We can observe in ancient cultures that people encompassed all areas of their lives around their religion. The most famous people worldwide are the Hebrews. Everything for them was revolved into religion. It is one of many people who were part of the Middle East, the cradle of civilization; we can conclude that the others people also had religion as center. Today we say that politics can not be mix with religion. At that time we would say that politics could not separate from religion. At that time; spiritual leaders or were the nation's leaders themselves, or one of them. Today is not this way; at least theoretically.
Religion is something rooted in man. You can feel it in every branch of human knowledge. The language is inherent in human race and it is steeped in concepts of religion. Dr William Stein Jr. in his book ‘A Origiem Comum das Línguas e das Religiões’ (The Common Origin of Languages ​​and Religions) says that "it is certain that human language from birth is essentially religious. Primitive man was a religious man, to attest; there's your language. His concern was religion, all things referring to their origin and their destination; this is also proved by his early teaching of writing" (p.134). Language is a tool of interaction among chiefs and subordinates. Therefore, it is difficult to separate 100% religion from cultural, political and professional areas. Politics and culture feel the influences of religion; and language, crucial tool, dresses itself with religious hues. Deny religion, ban it or restrict it, is like trying to stop the sun, the rain, the air of its duties here on earth.
Man is holisitc. Where he goes, he carries all his values, including religious ones. What then do with the dichotomy formed by modern times between politics and religion? Dissociating is not the way. Reintegrating them, it ceased to be interesting millennia ago. And on remains indifferent will not help. Surely, I can say that give freedom and respect are the best path for man live his holisticity in his community. Where it has lack of freedom for choice and respect; there will be war, persecution and much death. We live in an imperfect, fallen and unfair world. What works with us, humans, is freedom and respect.
It is due to lack of freedom and respect that the Arab world makes war, persecution and killing. It was due to cultivation of freedom and respect that America was formed and strengthened, and today, that same America is the most desirable place to live. It is due to fear of freedom that China acts with restrictions on Buddhist society. It is due to wanting to kill the freedom that North Korea promotes the worship of its top leader. It was due to trying to get hold of the freedom that the Church of the Middle Ages fought, chased and killed. And it was due to the love of freedom that the martyrs suffered war, persecution and death. And at the heart of freedom is the religious consciousness. If there was possibility of compartmentalization of human life; none of those things would have happened.
Politics and religion; two complementary and divergent strands, depending on the way you see freedom and respect. Politics, religion and freedom; well handled in America through centuries, they may have their days ending as their politicians try to topple the foundations of freedom. The land of freedom and respect for political, religious, cultural differences; can be brewing intolerance and persecution. The land of freedom can become the land of persecution.
It can scare us when we are seeing politicians with their restrictive and isolationist ideas getting stronger and stronger in America. It is true that these politicians are only representatives of those citizens who cultivate hatred and intolerance. The 2016 elections in America are frightening the world. It can become worse when the colossus of American democracy change in a colossus of a dictatorship. And dictatorship doesn’t permit neither freedom nor respect. And those who will suffer more are the minorities, being political, cultural, or religious.
Knowing that it is impossible to compartmentalize human life; there will be war, persecution and even death; confirming politicians with their restrictive ideas in power. The man, conscientious and faithful to their religious or political beliefs, goes to the end whatever happens. Awareness and loyalty are only welcome in the land of freedom and respect. Awareness and loyalty are authentic, endorsed solely by the power of choice we have. Man is only man in the exercise of his free will. It is against this; already palpable scenario, which I believe is perfectly feasible the prophecies of Revelation 13 accomplish. And it is before a political-sociological analysis (extra-biblical) like this that makes me believe firmly that America is one of the powers described in the prophetic book. America has a decisive roll in the closing scenes of this holistic world.

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