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sábado, 16 de janeiro de 2016



I am following US elections closely for a peculiar reason: according to Revelation 13, the United States is one of the beasts. This powerful nation will have a predominant role in the last scenes of the Great Controversy between good and evil. As well reported in Bible; the fight between good and evil, after it entering the kingdom of men, has a little more than six thousand years. And the end of all bad things is approaching rapidly. Thus, it is interesting to stay watching the American politics and agenda.
The English Columnists from The Guardian journal are scathing in criticism on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. This, like the other presidential candidates, has nothing special or new about the good policy. However, when we talk about on extremism and intolerance, Trump is unbeatable. I see some dangers, and at the same time, the possibility of prophetic fulfil on Trump figure.
With the rise of terrorism, Americans are tuning, being attracted by the Donald Trump’s defiances. American political analysts had believed strongly that the time would put an end to the Trump’s candidacy; but they made a mistake. Since its launch, he has always been leading the polls or on second in the previous. The explanations that we can find in all analysts are that Trump way of life (being vehement and controversial in your positions) is reflecting the latent desires of the American population in question like migrantion (Latin), Muslims and other thorny issues. Trump has no brake on his tongue. He says everything he thinks and does not measure the result of nothing. It is against immigrants and Muslims in his country. And every time he drops a bombshell opinion, gaining more admirers with it. Many people say this is marketing ploy; and if is it not true?
A possible Trump’s government, prophecies can be fulfilled in its entirety. That's because in apocalyptic prophecy, America, today tolerant and land of liberty; will become hostile, persecuting and intolerant on minorities. Only a president as Donald Trump's suit could rally the people, the authorities and laws to a scenario as described in Revelation 13.
Trump may change his position. He can win this election and then do what everyone does. Nobody knows. We have to think logicly. If Trump makes and install a government that will transform America's freedom in persecuting one. People can speak after that it would be this way with such a president. If not, even Trump President; everyone will be surprised. If a president, correctly in politics speech, changes America; the surprises will be averse to.

The way that world is, without love and away from God; I do not doubt that Trump can win. Last year, the Israeli parliament (Knesset) canceled the Donald Trump’s speech because of his bombshell opinion. He replied that he will speak in Israel not as a candidate but as president. February begins now the primary, and we will soon see the development of the American soap opera.

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