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domingo, 20 de setembro de 2015


People have been created an empty discussion over the centuries. The number one enemy of God sowed the seeds of discord about a theme that the Lord has set since from the beginning. It is dangerous to adopt a speech against to God's will. To defend the end of God's law is to be playing on the same Devil’s team. You can be a believer, a Christian and play on the Devil’s team. This can happen because even Satan believes, but does not obey. He is not submitted to God. Stricto sensus speaking, it is not the end of God's law that people advocate, but the changing of the Fourth Commandment of God's Law. So, they have created the dichotomy law-grace.
The law and grace are being emphasized in the wrong way. Put them in a ring and take part for either is not good. It is Machiavellian strategy. The only one who wins with this discussion is the Devil’s team. It is he who cast off in the ring God's law and God's grace. How can there be opposition of ideas coming from the same person, from God? Put it in your head, dear reader, God is not against Himself.
It would be much incongruity for Christian people to defend the end of the law while they are preaching obedience to God. It is for a simple reason that the vast majority of Christians is taking this incongruity. They use a lot of argumentations just to get rid of the Fourth Commandment of the Golden Law of God, that is, the Ten Commandments of God. It's impossible to take out the Fourth Commandment from God's Law, because James himself says that he who stumbles across one, is guilty of all. One from two, or we accept all law, or reject all law. There is no possibility to compromise with half of it.
This is why Catholics are more sincere and consistent, even they’re being wrong. They are quick to mention that the Church has authority to change the day of rest. Protestants say they use the Bible as the only ecclesiastical authority; but Catholics have two sources of religious authority: the Bible and Tradition. When Protestants try to take out the validity of the Fourth Commandment, they are being Catholics, because they are defending the very idea of ​​religious authority of the Bible and Tradition. Catholics have the first day of the week (Sunday) to rest, as the Protestants, evangelicals, Pentecostals, etc. And they also preach and rest on the first day of the week (Sunday), or any day. They condemn all people who rest on the seventh day (Saturday), even it being so clear throughout the Bible. They accuse the very few Christians who keep the seventh day of Judaism. Those Christians (even a minority) who keep the Sabbath (the seventh day of the week) are being logical, consistent, and obedient to God; because that's what the biblical text says from Genesis to Revelation.
Dear reader, do you know why the Devil is against the Fourth Commandment and urge almost all Christians to rebel in this question? Do you know why Satan loves when a believer fight against the Sabbath (Fourth Commandment)? Do you know why the world hates this commandment and makes no effort to obey him? And you know why there were always people preaching obedience to this commandment? And do you know why the climax of the end of the world, the Fourth Commandment will be the point of discussion between good and evil in the four corners of the world? The words of the theologian R. Abel Molina will answer all these questions. See:
"I keep the Sabbath because it reminds me that I am a child of God the creator, not a false god or pagan who has no power to create anything. Undoubtedly, the Sabbath commandment is the most important of God's Law (Golden Law, the Ten Commandments). If an idol worshiper read the other nine commandments, without the Sabbath commandment, he will conclude that his god, the idol which he adores, requires him all the requirements that are in the nine remaining commandments. Without the Saturday commandment, the law of God gets without God’s signature. It is the fourth commandment of the Decalogue which is authenticated who is the author or the legislator of that Act. He is the same God described in chapters one, two of Genesis. It was God who created man, animals, vegetation, the sun, the moon, the stars. It was God who blessed and sanctified the seventh day of the week. It is the Almighty, who instituted the Sabbath day serving as a memorial of the beautiful creation. If all people observe the fourth commandment to keep the Sabbath holy, there would be no atheist, evolutionary or unbeliever "(p. 45)

This commandment number four is a demonstration that God loves us and reaches us with his infinite grace. Separate law and grace is the worst disaster that a believer can render to God. Many people desire to get rid of the Fourth Commandment. They are preaching the end of God's law. Be careful about this! The grace of God has always existed, the law also. At least, this point should be clear to you, dear reader; between law and grace there is a distinct and complementary role. Grace serves to save the man, and the law is to protect the same man in the ways of the Lord. The ways of God Creator is different from pagan gods. "Blessed are those ... who walk in the law of the Lord" Psalm 119: 1.

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