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I want to start by congratulating Catholics, even not agreeing with them, I see that there is honesty in their theologians. In the Church documents they are clear in saying that they have changed the solemnities of the Sabbath to Sunday. So they do not hide it from anyone. I would also, briefly tell the story of Sunday. I mean: I am going to count how the first day of the week was baptized with the name Sunday.
Rome before even dreaming of one day be Christian, it had adopted the sun god in their pantheon. The Babylonians worshiped the god Shamash (the sun god) on the first day of the week. Not only the Babylonians, but others important people of the ancient world gave importance and deified the sun. Perhaps; maybe it would be a powerful and important star for life. The religion of mystery born in the times of the Hellenistic era called Mithraism was started in the Persian region, it became popular among the Romans and gained importance in the growth of Christianity time. They, Mithraism and Christianity, rivaled in the Roman Empire time. The Roman soldiers had a passion for Mithraism. The emperors had adapted this religion to their reality calling it Sol Invictus. Rome was mystical and center of its mysticism it was the sun.
When Rome had 'converted' to Christianity, it did not abandon his trophy: the sun. Constantine and his successors demanded that the church cuddled their past gods. Then the church had to begin the work of intellectuals: fit the day of the sun and eliminate the appearance of Judaism from the Christianity. How much inconsistency: leave 'thing' of the people of Christ, to replace, to fit 'thing' of the Antichrist people. It has many 'Christians' today who still fight vehemently for it.
The ecclesiastical and general history leave no one be mistaken about the fact that Sunday is the landmark of the Roman Catholic Church. The Church before the union with the state had kept the Biblical indication of the day of rest on the seventh day, or Saturday. Not only the day, but many others practices that pagan influence of State had required a radical change. The Synod of Laodicea, considered by some scholars as the Council of Laodicea, banned the Sabbath. This Synod took place between the years 363-364 AD and discussed 60 canons and canon 29 just deals with the confirmation of Sunday keeping and banned of Sabbath. In other words, Christians, up to that time had kept the Bible Sabbath.

More than two decades earlier, in the council of Nicaea, an imperial demand was accepted that "universally should be established the first day of the week as a sacred day, the name of the first day of the week was modified to Prima Feria to Dies Domenica. This decision has been maintained by most Christian denominations until the present time" ( For the origin of the name Latin languages have ​​masked the intent which is clear in other people's languages ​​that is not connected to Christianity history. In English, for example, SUNDAY is  = sun and day = day of the sun.
If you look at the councils of Nicaea in 325, you will notice that the Roman Catholic Church has been building their doctrinal body. And each council has been renounced Biblical truths and embraced lies, or pagan "truths".
Today, in the XXI century, the struggle is to prove that Sunday is not true. The Pope Francis is overtaking the walls of the Catholic Church to take your main teaching to everyone (Christian and non-Christian), because with this teaching he will be paying obedience to their gods (pagans) and a rebellion to God the Creator. The honor of the pagan day will not come by religious reasons, but in other ways. It does not matter to him; if the world accepts, their gods will be honored and God will be disrespected.
The prophecy of Revelation is clear in saying that Church and State will not be content only to legislate in favor of Sunday but impose it by force, to everyone; religious and non-religious people, to respect and rest on Sunday. The argumentation that the Pope Francis is using is the issue of Climate Change. Everyone is buying this argumentation; I mean, everyone is misleading by him. He is cunning as the serpent was to Eve. Francis is using the Pentateuch books that speak of the Sabbath to justify the keeping of Sunday. He cited in his encyclical Deuteronomy 25 to convince the religious and the non-religious people to stop any activity on Sunday. That would be one day off; ecological one day!
Dear reader; it's time to you review your day of rest. Today almost all Christians are going and resting on Sunday. We could say that there is a discussion of 30 million X 2 billion. If we represent in other way, it would look like this: 30,000,000 X 2,000,000,000. There are approximately 30 million people worldwide who repudiate the idea to rest on the first day of the week, because Sunday is a pagan religious day.
The global controversy will bring a discussion on obedience around the day of rest. It seems as very simple thing, but it is not. Or will you obey the State (religion of the State), or you will obey what the Bible says. In the end times of controversy, the State will legalize Christian churches to respect the dedicated day to save the planet.  And the States will pursue believers who disagree with this idea. The State will have a mechanism to charge you for that. Before Jesus return, men must turn to the Bible. The lies of the Christian pseudo-religion must be confronted with the immutable truths of God.
Who will you obey?

Discussion from the book CÓDIGO 7

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