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sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2015



My mother always said, "To die, just be alive". It is an obvious statement, but it carries social implications. No one wants to die! And it’s right; for when God created man he intended to make him immortal. The relentless pursuit of immortality is one of the greatest evidence we have that it was God who created us. On the other hand, the will and legal action into their owns hands, in all its forms, is one of overwhelming evidence that killing policy is rooted in the great cosmic conflict.

We live in a multicultural society. The way of life of people makes them different, and it is wise to accept it. It is all right to worship whatever you want, how you want, wherever you want. It is inviolable the peculiar way of living! Everyone has free will granted by God. Throughout the Bible, the holy book and the voice of God, we find explicit evidence on the right of movement of human beings on planet earth. Despite the Creator's will, everyone is free to live as one wishes. The concrete and disturbing factor is the question of the limits disrespected by intolerants.

Throughout biblical history, God works limits very well. The Creator respects the individual limits; and we should do the same. People are free to act, to live. God knows this and takes it seriously. However, among his creatures comes multiplying the intolerant individual and tribal choices. Group A is fighting group B. And even factions of the same group fight among themselves. Failure to free will is striking. This is nothing new in our century. The biblical accounts show that this happens since the beginning. We, Christians, identified Abel and Cain, a fact recorded in Genesis, as the first case of repression of free will, freedom of choice, invasion of individual limits, enforcement.

This century is different because we have the media. The repercussions of past cases understand the size of his people. Today the world is a village. Matter of seconds; everyone knows. And in a matter of seconds all see the difference in treatment with the lives. They see, but very few perceive it as some people is worth much and other worth so little. In addition to having to suffer the violence of the levy; we have to be stabbed by the differential treatment to lives. The selfish, prejudiced and partial Developed World’s eyes; whites deserve militancy. The rich must be protected. They should be worshiped. Blacks, poor and suffering left them just shy and lamentation. I'm talking about the French journalists and Christian victims of Boko Haram. Day 3 January 2015, this terrorist group kills 100 people in Nigeria, and how many of you know that? January 07, same year, gunmen kill 12 in Paris, France; and the world cries and protests!

The issue is much deeper! I could give a social focus, but I want to emphasize the spiritual side. Although many people disagrees, but spirituality permeates all areas of a person, including social. There is a phrase that is prophetic. These episodes show the compliance and the accuracy of the content of this phrase: "We know that we are of God, and the whole world is in evil" 1 John 5:19.

The world reacted spectacularly against terrorists of Charlie Hebdo magazine; but crossed his arms against Boko Haram. The presidents of the world sent condolences to France; but say nothing to Nigeria. An interesting and disappointing fact is that the magazine is atheistic. The magazine's editorial orientation is atheistic and survives by the attack on the sacred monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The world mourns the death of a dozen atheists and do not give moral to the massacres of hundreds of Christians. Is it only because they were black, poor, sufferers did not have heated demonstrations in the media?

What I can perceive, it is that the world is lying in the enemy's hand. There is a war between good and evil. There are two generals with their armies. On the one hand the Bible presents Jesus, and the other side presents; what the Apostle John calls the old serpent, the great dragon, the Devil and Satan. That being is promoting all these injustices and uses people themselves to be deceived by it. And after all done, He put on God’s responsibilities.

The apostle John says that Satan came to "steal, kill and destroy" (John 10:10). He wants to destroy religion and mainly Christian. It promotes these barbarities for men questioning God, accusing God. People do not want to stop and understand the great controversy, but are ready to question God. You, at this time, are being asked to understand the great controversy. If you do not want and do not have an interest; I say you also do not have the right to question God (accuse God). It is awkward to question someone about a subject that is not known.

I am against all forms of violence. I am against what happened to the magazine Charlie Hebdo. I am against what Boko Haram does. The atheist has the right to be and defend your point of view. Boko Haram has the right to lead their lives as you want. But both should know and practice the inviolability of free will of the other. Force, oppression, ridicule, persecute, kill are things of the devil. Combining these verbs in practice is out of the very limits of freedom of expression and invades the limits of other people. As Dr. Augusto Cury says, we just have to "expose our ideas and not impose". Wise words!


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