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The death is cruel and democratic at same time. Nobody wants her, but the beautiful person and the ugly one face her.  The poor and the rich, even facing different fights; they confront too this fatal giant.  The believer and the atheist have to face her. To the Death, there’s no excuse, no fair reasons, no talks; it comes and does the damage into the hearts the beloved of the dead.  It is so cruel because it doesn’t have any respect, sentiment or things like it. Nor Jesus has had chance to escape from it. Even God has passed through the Death that the humans face since six thousand years – the experience of Death.

When does the Death get live? Let me explain this antithesis. When does the Death begin its history? Technically, it was when “And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,” Revelation 12:7. But the Death begun indeed when Eve disobeyed God and Adam followed, by choice, your spouse’s disobedience.  When the couple has seen a leaf to dry up; the first lamb to die blamelessly for provide them physical and spiritual dresses; then the Death began to reign actually.  Whereas, “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned” Roman 5:12.

An interesting fact was that God; in His huge wise, has imposed rules, logic and clear ones, to the Death’s reign. The Accuser has brought to Death’s reign to the Earth by usurpation. Then he, the Accuser, has had to accept the three Creator’s Rules. If God is the Creator; He can impose what He wants, when He wants, how He wants. The Enemy has only to obey the rules and to make the false propagandas. In these he is extremely clever being! In these he has large experience!

The three rules showed in the Life’s Book – the Bible – are everlastings; logic, wise and just. Any strange idea to these three rules imposed to the Death, will take part to the Satan’s false propagandas.  In the last six thousand years of false propaganda has been resulted in many versions about what is death and what happens to people who die. Someone, when die, goes to other cosmic dimension. Other people, when die, continues to participate in this world. There are people who think into the death state (taking explanation in the Bible) go to Heaven and others go to Hell. What does the Bible say indeed about the Death’s reign among human being? It is good to explain that the Bible does not contradict itself; because if it does so, the God word would not be God’s Word. If we find any contradiction, in fact, it is because we will be forcing the text to say something we want to hear.

The ancient Egypt was the crib of the powerful propaganda that induces to confuse the God’s clear word. The pagan dualistic concept was exported by Egypt’s philosophy to the whole world. The Greek Philosopher Pluto was the bigger pagan ideas diffuser about death. The Greek idea was so strong that entered until the rabbinic world. The mistaken idea of death has brought confusion about the word hell. The popular conception of hell is Greek too. Even being not our focus to speak about hell; it is worth to show the biblical idea of hell. What I can advance is that hell refers to tomb only. Others senses to hell are pagans. The own Jesus has confronted the Bible teaching with pagan one about death and the hell idea. The Lazarus parable is about it. The Christianity since the beginning suffers with these erroneous ideas that people assign to the Bible. The apostle Paul was the great writer that fought it. Your first books have already mentioned to death topic; it is enough only examine I and II Thessalonians.  Nevertheless, I Corinthians 15 is categorical about this theme.

The first condition sino qua non imposed by God to Death’s reign was; NOT TO HAVE ACTIVE PART AND INACTIVE ONE TO THE DEAD. There are much ideas and erroneous interpretations about points which involve that.  Body, Soul and Spirit are parts of man that are so misunderstood. What is each part of that? Actually, the correct question is what could be; because each philosophical stream or spiritualistic can define differently the terms. The correct is to ask what the Bible says about each man constitutive being. If the Bible is the God’s Word; or I mean, if you consider it as God’s Word; it has to have the correct vision and position.

This rule number one wants to say that the man when die; all component parts stop the existence. All gets inactive. This rule eliminates the idea that the soul remains while the body stop the existence. Body, Soul and Spirit are different point of view of human being. What means each part biblically speaking? Let see what the God’s Word says us.

What is Soul to you? People can have your thousand personal definitions; but the opinion here dare not be personal; ought to be biblical. If you study the Bible; you will discover that there are three connotations to the word soul: LIFE (Acts 20:10, Luke 12:20); HEART (Genesis 34:3, Mark 14:34) and PERSON. In the originals languages, Hebrew and Greek, the two words are the same to the three ideas (nephesh/Hebrew and psyche/Greek). I emphasize this last connotation because it will ease the theme showed here. Always that the Bible shows soul as person, it will be referring to someone living and not dead; then “the soul that sins, it shall die” Ezekiel 18:20. Soul is not something phantasmagorical like TV and cartoons show. Like so, the idea is pagan and comes from Accuser false propagandas.

Define body is so easy! Body is the matter that living being is formed. In this sense the man and the animal are equal. The bones, the flesh, the hair, the nose; all these are parts of the body. There is no controversy in this sense. All scholars agree that body is the visible part. The Bible shows the body in this sense too.

And the Spirit? Here is the confusion into people heads. To many persons; spirit is the same thing of soul. How do you define spirit? How did you learn to define this human part constitutive? And have you ever had read into the Bible like it define spirit? How does God define spirit? It is necessary to us take a look to the original vocabulary other time. In Hebrew the term to spirit is RUACH and NESHEMAH; and in Greek is PNEUMA. Both languages want to say the same thing: WIND, AIR, and BREATHING.  Furthermore this meaning intentionality; the biblical text extends its connotative sense to eight others significant: moral faculty, knowledge, vitality, life, Holy Spirit person, angel, devil entity and breath of life. The primary sense, or denotative sense, to spirit is breath of life. The biblical verse spectacular to explain the denotative sense to the word spirit; it is in Genesis 2:7: “Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature”. One can conclude surely that the man does not have a soul; he IS a soul.

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