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sábado, 11 de outubro de 2014



There is no doubt about Law and Grace Conflict! Hey men! This conflict is not into the Bible. Who does this conflict is not the Bible, but millions of pseudo Christian through the whole world. The Bible has never done any confusion between Law and Grace, or Law and Faith in Jesus Christ. Both are always harmonious in their proposals. Hundreds of bad intention’s Pastors do terror with the God’s Commandment. Why then? Would it be the evangelicals Pastors that has started this war – to teach one and to reject other? Would it be the Apostle Paul that has denied the God’s Commandment in place of Jesus faith?
I can advance that it didn’t have been the evangelical pastors who introduced faith and commandment Conflict. I can guarantee too that, based on the Bible, it didn’t have been the Apostle Paul that done this bad information into the Christianism. To start understand this fact; it is necessary to do questions. What is Law? How many Laws exist into the Bible? Does the biblical text support the division between Laws or it speaks about of only one Law?
To the Christian that believe in only one Bible Law; things get complicated totally. Believing so, it gets impossible to comprehend the whole Bible text because all themes mixture in one vision. It is chaotic. And, to start, it is not about what do you believe; but what the text says. This is the correct principle to understand the all texts. The interpretation ought to come from inside to outside, but not the contrary. The Judges do that.
What is Law? Law is rule, principle, guideline about something. All good dictionaries go to explain that. And the Bible?  Will it say about rules, guidelines and principles? Absolutely! In the Old Testament one can find many principles, rules and guidelines. In the book of the Law, it is, the Torah, the Rabies count 613 laws. It is so many laws! Will it be that the 613 laws are talking about in only one theme? The Logic and good sense say no. Then there is no only one law in the Bíble.
The range of legislative in the Old Testament are: Laws about civil life Israel people, Laws about the jurisprudence, Laws about the religious liturgy, Laws about the first pact and God’s Moral Law. The biblical texts give us this division. It is not an interpretation of outside to inside; but the contrary. In this base we can build reasoning statement with solid and true fountain.
The prophets and the God’s people life have built their identity in this base. The five first Bible’s books are supporters to all others Bible’s books; specially all the New Testament books. To all misinformed people, I want to say that the New Testament writers have used many references directly from the Old Testament. If we take out all references, the New Testament will get so thin.
Now makes sense what Paul has said in your letters. Without those bases and divisions we may make confusion with Paul’s ideas. See one: ‘Why in Galatians Paul defends Faith and in Romans he speaks about Law? Why in a moment the author speaks good things in behalf of Law and in other moment he speaks bad?’ This is not a correct question! The right question is: ‘He, Paul, speaks well of what law? He speaks badly of what law? If Paul himself does this distinction among laws; why pastors stubbornly are against it and say that Paul changed the law?
It was not Paul that has started the battle between God’s Law and Faith in Jesus Christ. It was not also the evangelical pastors! This position was brought by the God’s Enemy when Satan has started to change your strategic attack on God’s Church. Before, Satan battled frontally; but from this moment he get into the God’s Church and started to sow heresies. The Revelation Book and the history confirm that. Read Revelation chapters 1, 2 and 3. The General History tells that in the third century the God’s Commandment started to be changed. The Christian Leaders wanted. in that time, they isolated their identity from Jews and started to act differently. That has reached God’s Commandment. Paul has never questioned the validity of God’s Commandment. When he spoke about negatively; he has speaking about not against God’s Commandment (the Ten Commandments); Paul is speaking about Religious Liturgics Law; referring to the firs pact. The first Christians knew a lot about the variety of Laws. They knew how to separate one from other. Exodus 31:18 let so clear to the first Christian the separation of this law. Moses doesn’t have had permission to write them; but God’s finger done.

The Ten Commandments is not to the past! The law is to the present too! It is to this generation and too relevant to all time. The Law that I am referring is that is written in Exodus 20: 1 – 17. And yet, I go further, Revelation 14 says that the God’s Commandments will be the final test to Lord’s people before the Final Judgment. I ask you: Do you go to obey God or man? “Then Peter and other apostles said: Before, it is better obey God than men” Acts 5:29. (SEE WWW.HOPETALK.ORG)

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