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domingo, 1 de outubro de 2017



The last major crisis on earth can begin at any moment! When the Bible speaks of this last major crisis, it is not talking about something small and regional; but it will be something of proportions that everyone will feel somehow. Some people think it will be a major earthquake as described in the Revelation Book. Others think it can be a Tsuname that could make some cities to disappear from the map. Others think it might be World War III. And, some think it might even be all these events together.
There are concrete reasons for betting that the World War III will be the fuse of this last great crisis that will be slaughtered on Earth before the Antichrist and Christ come. One thing is certain – biblical prophecies say that Jesus will not come before the world passes through difficult times as it had never passed before. And being clear in other times, I firmly believe in what says the Lord through the prophecy!

Daniel 2, Revelation 13, Romans 1 and Matthew 24 when analyzed together lead us to believe that horrible things await humanity. And I would like to add that the most painful is not the physical pain, but the war of morality, consciousness, persecution. This war kills gradually. And Matthew 24 says preaching the gospel will be concluded in difficult times. Roman 1, speaking of Rome, was doing a chronicle of our days. Daniel and Revelation come into the matter with details of what would be the last major crisis that will be struck down on the earth.
There are five reasons to believe that the fuse of this crisis will be World War 3. Some people, like Albert Einstein, believe that after World War III there would be only sticks and stones. But will it be? I know that any war between the powerfull countries; the atomic weapons will be used. Death won't be instantaneous, except in loco. And that is what can unleash the horrors in the nature described in the Revelation prophecies.
Let's go to the reasons:
The New World Order is ready and operating. Only few people can see. Countries are attuned to some rebellion as the Arab countries and the said communist socialist utopians like North Korea. Only the experts and curious can see the maneuvers that governments do to operate within this so called NWO. And nothing better to throw open, make visible to all eyes after or during a war. Just observe how things change after a war. Look at the World War I, the World War II, other wars of importance and grandeur.
There are a multitude of ideas through laws to control and restrict. Minorities are the most suffering from controls. These laws that are already created, often still not functioning for some reason. It has the goal of ending religious freedom and freedom of expression. You already imagined not being able to opine on Facebook, Youtube, Google, which today represent the free spaces in fact. Here anyone can say what they think...
The world political authority will have a primordial role in the laws that the world will have. That authority must have moral, ethical, political conditions in everyone. Who, today, is hailed and praised by all the corners of the planet? He has admirers even of the Muslims people. There is no other figure but Pope Francis. This one has almost unanimity in the world. His predecessor had already coined the term "real world political authority". And Francis suggests, in his encyclical that deals with climate issues, that the world urgently needs that authority. Of course, in the midst of a war, the world, not only political, but civilian, you'll vindicate and point the person of Francis. He has always given signs of power, political skill, and "holiness." That'll weigh a lot. The bad thing is that he will legislate Catholic dogma, if it happens to be himself, to the world.
These two countries are in opposition to the United States. That's not for thinking the economy differently, but for wanting the rank of the sheriff's Americans in the world. And as Revelation 13 says that US is the power that stands out to the others; A war is the chance of China and Russia to disappear from the geopolitical map of power. Observe well that China and Russia are the only ones supporting North Korea. The Chinese government has made it clear that it will defend Pyongyang in the event of a war. And Trump has no patience to negotiate with the dictator Kim Jong Un. Everything is directed to flowing into in a horrific conflict and unimaginable proportions. We can't tell when that's going to happen because it's over 50 years ago that US and North Korea are about to fight. It's the Angels holding a conflict that will be the fuse to the last major crisis.
One thing all Christians should know, before Christ, comes the Antichrist. And he will manifest himself to deceive with signs and wonders (see John's letters). And the proper time to do signs and wonders is the time of crisis. Today few people know who the Antichrists is or the Antichrist. But there will be a time when everyone can see it, even then they'll be deceived because they did not commit themselves to Christ as they should. Reading the Bible and asking for help to the Holy Spirit are ways to sign up in Jesus so we don't get scammed today and not tomorrow.

The Authentic Gospel of Christ will be preached in the midst of terrible pains and persecutions. Enjoy and preach now, while the war does not begin.

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