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sábado, 31 de outubro de 2015


The end of the policy is excellent! The means one uses to achieve the policy aim are in boring us a lot. The art of persuasion is legal! What are illegal and immoral? They are the fallacies, the bad politics, the bad policy... God works in what are legal and moral. The Bible presents important cases where God’s men acted in the higher courts and world politics. I cite three situations that explain and justify why retired Dr Ben Carson is in the world spotlight.
Joseph is the first example. Honest, hardworking, intelligent and faithful man to the God’s truths; Joseph was honored by the Lord before the ancient world. Egypt was a world power when God had raised Joseph to the Prime Minister position. Joseph did not bow to bad politics or bad policy. He did not take revenge from anyone who once had sought his death. He was faithful and honest before men and God. He witnessed the world about their faith and about God's paths.
The second example is Esther. Even being young, she did not abdicate the responsibility to be honest, truthful and faithful to God she had represented. His story is portrayed in the book also called Esther. With her bravery and her way of being strong – by praying – she could testify of God's Law being faithful. She resisted all false accusations and the whole world could see what it was God and His Law. The Medo-Persian Empire was the sheriff of the world then, and someone (Esther) could be faithful to the roots on God’s orders.
And closing the exemplification, we have Daniel. Perhaps, the best known among they three, Daniel is at the same level. An odd and unique situation in Daniel’s life is the fact that he was important and respected figure in two empires - Babylonian and Medo-Persian. He was always faithful and honest with God and with men. He never denied the truth of God's law. Even with the threat of death, he did not flinch. Like Esther and Joseph, he strengthened himself in prayer. They served to men and to God through politics.
The Daniel, Esther and Joseph’s life are overwhelming evidence that it is possible to be political and faithful Christian. Those who tries to be one and cannot; it is because they are failing at some point. Daniel, Esther and Joseph did not have an easy life in the political arena. Perhaps, the evangelical politicians today are worse than non-Christians politicians because they do not pray or never became real Christians. They may have only one intention - using Christ as stairs to reach the power.
Today, in the 21st century, we have a political, military, cultural and economic power that reigns absolutely - United States of America. There is a possibility which, I think, God will come it true to call the world's attention to His word and His Law. This is possible because in three times in world history His true Law has surpassed the walls of his people, "his church ". Respectively, at their time; Daniel, Esther and Joseph brought God's law to be known among atheist or pagan’s world.
In 2016 will happen the presidential poll in America. And the Republican Party, in advance, has an evangelical candidate called Ben Carson. He is different! He believes in different things! Carson is Seventh-Day Adventist. The Adventist beliefs are unique, different not in relation to the Bible, but in relation to other denominations. Carson has been worshipping God in that denomination since his 14 years. According to a CNN report (What Seventh-day Adventists like Ben Carson believe); there are four points in the doctrinal body of his denomination that makes it different: 1) keep the Sabbath of the fourth commandment of God's law; 2) believe that death is a sleep and there is no hell; 3) wait for the soon coming of Jesus literally; and 4) accept Ellen White's advice as inspired.
It is not that the SDA church is better than any other, but because it has been defending biblical points that God wants the world has a meeting, a discussion and a decision on that. Agreeing or not, the Bible does not deny or cancel the points that Adventists has been advocating since 19th century. It is very likely that Ben Carson can be chosen as Republican Party candidate to run for president, because in that way, the religious and non-religious world would become aware of decisive points in the final battle before the coming of Christ. I do not think Dr Ben Carson will win the presidency. Only the dispute will be enough to honor this man's life that he has a beautiful story. And in this way it will call the world's attention to biblical points forgotten by Christianity and also by the Protestant-evangelical churches.
God is in control of everything. He knows how to run the story. He knows judging! And the generation that will not die, until the return of Christ, it will know the true God’s Law. The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) need to be discussed and analyzed. And then all of us, we have to position ourselves - AT GOD SIDE OR NOT.

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