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terça-feira, 16 de junho de 2015



Every year, there are certain global meetings and summits so important. It is like this in economy with G7 group meeting, that is seven Presidents of countries (the richest) and his ministers to address the economy. And it is like this way also with the COP group. They are people committed or involved with the climate. The UN is the one that promotes these meetings. The COP, UN Climate Conference, as well as many other meetings, not so much attract the attention of popular persons. Only those who are connected in updates are hearing these types of meetings and know on discussions that take place there. But this will change with the Paris meeting to be held in December 2015. Few know where the COP’s 17,18, 19 and 20 happened; but few will not know where there will take place COP 21. There are several reasons for this. There are many reasons to Paris to be a landmark for Climate Change Meetings. I mention three major reasons to enter in popular discussions.
1. Political Reason
Political movements can be observed in the months before this meeting. Never many important politicians were so committed to discuss the climate issues. Even the president of the United States, one of the biggest polluters, joined the pro-climate discussion. Before, he was reluctant to the Kyoto Protocol, now he advocates for renewable energy. This is too surprising!
2. Economic Reason
The economy is the spring that moves the world. The economy is synonymous for money, consumption. How will they discuss this, I do not know. I just know that countries that spoke only to expand business; now speak to reduce pollutant emissions. The G7, recently adopted an environmental speech. It's scary! As the richest nations in the world; who mind the added value, will adopt a position of conservation and reduction of economic activity, to eliminate the power of black gold (oil). That's weird! And it's not because of Earth degradation.
3. Religious Reason
I could not miss religion, right? The leader of the largest Christian Church decided to get into the issue of Climate Change at all. Pope Francisco devoted an encyclical on climate issues. Other religions, all, also decided to talk about it. I do not know if that's good or bad. I just know that we live in the world of interests, and bad politics; in game of thrones.
What it seems is that Paris will not be the same in December of this year. I imagine that the most important of the three area mentioned is that the leaders (from religion, economy and politic) will be making decisions that could affect my life. Indeed, the politics, economics and religion are the forces that decide; and one likes it or not, we are affected. They do not consult us, but force us to obey. Politics and the economy consult us only in democratic times; and in these times, we are deceived with lies of false promises. And religion?  There is no public consultation here!
My fear is that the Middle Ages is coming back. The Pope should not give orders in politics and economy. Why every day he receives Chief of State in your office? Why did not he just gets his subordinates; the Bishops? I imagine it's because all these Chief of States are subordinate to him.
The suggestions he gives; or rather the orders he gives, are imbued with proselytizing forces. This means that the world will turn to Rome idea again. What he sees fit, it will be imposed. That's why we expect bad things from that COP 21 in Paris. What a preposterous proposal to save the planet the Chiefs of State will be discussing? And what is worse: What bizarre proposal, romanized one; shall be imposed by the Pope at the Conference of Paris?

Whatever they agree; happy who that is obeying the Lord and what His Word says. I'd rather be with God! And you?

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