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quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2015



Prophecies! For many people are only predictions. Others ones see them as anticipations of future events of everyday. Others see them as a cheap nonsense package. And others see them as God’s compasses to man in a world shrouded in darkness. I do not know where you stand in the face of prophecy. Just know that the prophecies are independent of what you think or not.

There is an amazing prophecy in the Bible. It is still in the future; but it scares even the savviest in prophecy. It is in the future; but very near future. I'm talking about Revelation 13:16 and 17 "To everyone, small and great , rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, the name of the beast or the number of his name ".

What would it be the mark of the beast? There are many misinformations on this issue. The dispensationalists evangelical boast that the mark of the beast is the CHIP. See how they are biased, conformist and convergent with this information. The chip can even make part as a means of CONTROL only. See that the world-wide boycott need a very efficient means of control as is technology. And such a chip does not need to be deployed in the skin necessarily; it can be put in personal document. But I have a couple of question here: The meaning of prophecy is to control people or to do people pay them obedience? Have you ever thought about that?

Chapter 13 of Revelation is emphasizing all the time the issue of OBEDIENCE and WORSHIP. The term "love the image of the beast" (verse 15) is revealing much things. Read the Bible with a dose of rationality for to reach the true sense. Pray to the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus and understand the issue. This whole chapter is referring to obedience and worship. Read carefully, paying attention to this detail. Obedience and worship are the issues of Eden. Eve has disobeyed God and practiced something He forbade. Satan lied to Eve and she fell. The story of Eden will repeat; but the fall of "Eve" (woman = church) will not repeat. The church of God will be well understood and exemplified by the act of Eve. If you are the church of God, hear and obey God.

The prophecy makes it clear that all of us will exercise the power of choice. This means: no one will be forced to HAVE THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Our only obligation is to take position (CONSCIOUSLY) at God's people or the people of the Image of the Beast. Dispensationalists evangelicals do not seem to understand that. But what about we will be forced to do? This issue of the chip is in the center of an empty and meaningless discussion. Satan is behind it and he tries to override the real discussion, but this attempting will be in vain because God will not allow.

We will be forced to decide what idea we support. The question is on the day of rest. It seems very senseless! You may think that religious questions would only reach the religious people. Totally mistook! The prophecy has details until on that point. The amplitude of the prophecy is seen in the words ALL and NO ONE. This includes religious and non-religious people. Even those who do not care about religion or the Bible will be achieved. What is implied in the prophetic information "is to be given a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads" clarifies the issue of religious and non-religious people; and ratifies on the biblical collective consciousness of the day of resting.

The only point that it meets a universal and comprehensive test that it can range religious and not religious and that satisfies the Question of Freedom of choice is the REST DAY THEME. God has a special day and created by Him there in Genesis. God created this day for mankind for all the time. But the devil saw the rest day question as a motive for persecution, tripping, humiliation and war against God and his people. Genesis 2: 2 and 3 to Revelation 1:10 God is saying, I HAVE A SPECIAL DAY TO RECEIVE EXCLUSIVE WORSHIP. At the end of REDEMPTION HISTORY, the Devil infiltrated within the church of Christ with a false day of rest and ALMOST all Christendom TODAY surrenders to a lie.

Jesus is coming and no one will be immune to take a position that is regarding to WORSHIP AND OBEDIENCE! Choose God! Maranatha!

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