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sábado, 14 de março de 2015



The world is interested in this topic. The theme of the mark of the beast is so fascinating and terrifying that even non-religious people are interested. The attraction of the majority is not for religious reasons, but because the mark of the beast, as prophecy of Revelation 13 says, involves and affects everyone and reaches the heart of social life. I imagine that for this and other reasons; the mark of the beast exercises great fascination. And not knowing what is behind the scenes, the great majority of people suffer in advance. Explanations and illogical surrealist applications only intensify the fear and mislead people from logical, biblical and enforceable discussion.

And why the microchip appeared in the discussion? It is reasonable to think that it appears because technology has operational control over things. The world is dependent on it. The credit card is the best known example. The chip is an extremely useful nanotechnology object to make database, control and organize. The RFID chip passes the test of operation; but has no power against prophetic logical and biblical context.

The mark of the beast, registered in Revelation 13, and mentioned in other chapters of the same book is much more engaging, comprehensive and deep. This is the final battle between God's people and the God’s false people. And this confrontation will occur in bizarre situation, humanly thinking. It will not be something simple like: Muslim x Christian, Atheist x Christian and thing like this. If it was so, it would be easy. When Jesus told, in the Gospel of Matthew, the parable of the wheat and the weed; he was doing an application for that time as well. Persecution described by Jesus in Matthew 24 will take place at that time in all his power.

Dear reader; the coping of the beast will be among "Christians” themselves. I put in quotes because there are only two categories of Christians: conservative Christians and liberal Christians. In one side, Christian that accept and obey the God’s absolute truth and in other side Christians that accept and defend the relative truth; the filtered truth. In fact, in these last days there will be simply three classes only: conservative, liberal (led by someone important in ecumenism) and non-religious. This is the background of the end. It is in this meantime that Matthew 24: 9-14 develops in his greatest strength. This is biblical and enforceable.

The mark of the beast can not be the RFID chip, although being feasible. The mark of the confederation (or power) religious and political involves five requirements that must be fit satisfactorily. The first question is WORSHIP. Only in Revelation 13 is repeated five times the term. The second is the Question of OBEDIENCE. Read carefully Revelation 13 and see this word and similar words. The third question is the MORAL. Everyone should exercise free will. God never gave up that; Satan does not care. The moral is in vogue yet. The penultimate question is REACH. All ought to be achieved. And how to achieve religious and non-religious at once? As we have free will, we can choose to engage or not with religion; or be religious. And the prophecy reaches all non-religious also. See that the apocalyptic text says that the mark of the beast will be on hand or on forehead. The term hand is making a reference that reaches the non-religious. For them there will be no problem in agreeing to something only to release them to work; for normal social life. And the last issue is the VISIBILITY. The last battle between God and Satan must be given publicly for all to see. Because everyone must decide. Because there will be no innocent in the final judgment.

Dear reader; how to fit all these points? If we find something that fits these five requirements; we will answer the logic, the biblical context and the operability. Thus, we know clearly what it is the mark of the beast. What comes to my mind, after the exposes, is the issue of the DAY OF REST. The commandment about the day of rest is the only situation that harmonizes everything. You can think of a thousand of solutions; but it comes to that conclusion as well. The RFID chip can be such a means of control, but the mark of the beast is the DAY OF REST. God has a day to mankind to  rest and Satan has a false day of rest too. And these two commandments will become a global discussion. This will be a cause of persecution and death; as one says in Revelation book. Think about it and decide.

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